>> WHO WE ARE ?
    VUDUC Corporationis a professional Offshore Software Outsourcing Company in Vietnam with recognition in Mobile Development, Responsive Website Design and Marketing, Branding Services
    As Mobile, Website Technology and Branding experts, we consider the friendly ease to every user as the first standard of Quality commitment. We pride ourselves on creative and dedicated individuals with a passion for Technology innovation, desire to take on big challenges and ready to suggest the most appropriate solution to turn the Client’s idea into reality.       

    >> WHY VUDUC ?
    1.     Quality Focus
    Quality is always placed the greatest importance and first priority at VUDUC. We maintain a strict, rigorous and comprehensive software quality assurance through appropriate policies, clear and standardized processes, thorough testing, all performed by well-trained and highly skilled staffs.
    2.     Competitive Price
    We offer you the best price that is exactly estimated based on your requirement because our primary target is saving as much money as possible even though only one coin.
    3.     Latest Technology
    VUDUC includes a number of talented people whose passion is to catch up with newly emerged technological advances.  We are greatly confident to provide the best services to clients.
    4.     Working Style
    Understanding clients’ requirement is a key to convince the success of the project. We always observe carefully your business model or user requirements before kick-off the project to give the best solution for issues around. We commit to keep updated daily during the project.
    5.     Confidential 
    We ensure your information of all type is handled in a confidential, secure and appropriate manner.

    >> WHAT WE DO ?
    -      IT outsourcing services commitments

    -      Developing mobile applications with diverse functions:

    -      Development of software across multiple platforms

    -      Developing and Design Website Services

    -      Marketing & Branding services

    VUDUC Corporation
    Address    : No.6 - 565 Nguyen Trai St - Ha Noi - Viet Nam
    Hotline     : (+84) 932.988588
    Website    : vuduc.net / brandrd.com
    Email        : vuducanhvn@gmail.com
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    Brand Rd


    No.6 - 565 Nguyễn Trãi St - Hà Nội - Việt Nam